Recycling EPS

Expanded polystyrene is a thermoplastic with the characteristic of having only 2% of plastic and 98% of air. This issue makes it very interesting for multiple technical applications:

Widely used in the packaging market because it allow to protect the products without having to increase the gross weight.

Its insulation property is perfect to transport products with sensible cold chain such as fish and medicines. It is also wide used in construction to increase comfort at home.

It is also and easy to work with allowing you to create plates, slabs, cylinders, figures, props for theater or carnival floats…



Despite the fact of be harmless for human and inert in contact with water or air, the expanded polystyrene could take more than 1000 years to degrade. This is by itself an ecologic problem if it accumulates in an ecosystem.

As stated before, this kind of plastic is very light and voluminous. A bad management of this waste in a local/industrial level generates high logistic cost and high landfill taxes.






Recycling it reduce the need of using new polymers and reduce the cost to create new consumer products. 1tn of EPS recycled avoid the emission of 2tn of CO2 to the atmosphere every year. This is equivalent approximately of what 40 tree filter in one year. With thousands of tones recycled each year we are proud to be part of the global efforts to cut CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.



The expanded polystyrene is 100% recyclable with the right processing and treatment. This allows you not only to reduce this cost but obtaining an extra income for the waste generator.