About Us: Your Styrofoam recycling Specialist

about1Traxpo is one of the biggest companies specialized on styrofoam recycling.

We proces styrofoam waste (also called: styro, expanded polystyrene or EPS) generated within the industry and municipalities world wide.



Afterwards, we return this Styrofoam recycling pellets to the economy to be used as a raw material. We have long term agreements with big and sustainable companies that allow us to close the circle of the Styro life.

Traxpo is proud to be part of the institutional effort toward a cycle economy as an opposite to a throw away economy. We have a staff committed with the project, experts on international trade and waste management ready to solve your doubts


We offer free technical support in order to improve their recyclycability and minimize the amount of styrofoam going to the landfill or incineration.

Thanks to the valorization of the waste, Styrofoam recycling is a business that we are glad to develop with our local parnters world wide.

Traxpo actively collaborated with the main sectorial organizations such as ANAPE in Spain, EUMEPS, VAL-I-PAC between others.

We share the vision of the European Commission to work for a Europe with zero waste. We follow the developments of the program “Europe Strategy 2020 for a smart, sustainable and integrating use of resources.”

Payment guaranteed:

We have a very good credit rating due to the fact that we always pay on time.

External credit risk companies could confirm this.

If you want to ask them our Vat number is: ES-B63996524